Cyber Security

Due to rapid proliferation of information technology (IT) and its direct impact on the functioning of an organization, IT and its functional ecosystems can no longer be viewed in isolation. Proliferation of IT has its flipside too; that of induced vulnerability to threat of cyber crimes. Hence it has become organizationally imperative to safeguard the official cyber space from nefarious cyber crimes keeping the overall threat in perspective.

The International Organization for Standardization defines cybersecurity or cyberspace security as the preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in the Cyberspace. In turn, “the Cyberspace” is defined as “the complex environment resulting from the interaction of people, software and services on the Internet by means of technology devices and networks connected to it, which does not exist in any physical form.”

Cyber Security Reference Documents:

Reference Documents File/ Document
Cyber Crisis Management Plan 2019 DGAQA Cyber Crisis Management Plan 2019
Cyber Security Policy 2019 DGAQA Cyber Security Policy 2019
National Cyber Security Policy 2013 Cyber Security 2013
Role and Responsibilities of Chief Information Security Officer CISO Roles
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