Aviation Electronics Group

Aviation Electronics  Group is headed by Director under the administrative control od ADG (HQ).

Role & Function:

Aviation Electronics (AE) Group of HQ DGAQA is responsible for following functions:
1. To monitor and supervise QA functions at ORDAQA Ghazibad, Hyderabad and ALISDA, Bangalore.
2. To process the proposals of AFQMS of above field establishments.
3. Consultation on Type Test Schedule and participation in Type Testing for the projects dealt by HQ.
4. Active involvement during following stages of procurement of airborne and ground electronics systems by IAF, Army, Navy and Coast Guard as per the procedures defined in DPP and DPM:
  1.     Vetting of QRs as a member of SEPCs.
  2.     Vetting of RFP.
  3.     Participation in TEC and CNC
  4.     Vetting of Contracts
  5.     Vetting/Approval of ATPs & Participation in PDIs (f) Participation in Scaling Committee Meeting

5. To deliberate and decide, in consultation with DG, on QA related policy matters and issue QA Directives/Guidelines accordingly. Projects All projects related to Airborne and related Ground Electronics Equipments for Military Aviation

Name of FEs/Detachments
1. ORDAQA, Ghaziabad
2. ORDAQA (HAL), Hyderabad
3. ALISDA, Bangalore (including OAQA (BEL), ORDAQA, CABS and ORDAQA, ADE)

Contact us:
Address : Room No. 85,86,87
DGAQA, Ministry of Defence H-Block, DHQ Post New Delhi-110011
Phone : 23015211, 23793009
Fax: 23014914
e-mail : dirae.dgaqa@gov.in
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