Armament Group

Armament  Group is headed by Director under the administrative control od ADG (HQ).

Role & Function:

Armament  Group of HQ DGAQA is responsible for following functions:
1. Review/vetting of SQR (ASQR, PSQR, GSQR,) w.r.t. Quality Assurance aspects.
2. Vetting of RFPS, Tech Spec and QAP/ATP.
3. Participate in TEC, CNC, PDI and JRI as per the DPM and DPP.
4. Participate in defect investigation of indigenous and imported air armament stores.
  1.     Liaisoning with OFB and FEs for implementing policy decisions applicable to ordnance factories..
  2.     QA coverage for trade firms and life extension of Air Armament stores.
  3.     Member in SEPCs
  4.     Vetting of Contracts
  5.     AHSP for Air Armament stores. It has drawing particulars & specifications for indigenous air armament stores mostly developed through armament research development establishment (ARDE), HEMRL, DRDO Pune and old imported stores. Work/ function is to ammend and issue of drawings and specification as approved by RCMA, digitization of drawings and specifications, issue of drawings and specifications as demanded from sirvice HQ/ Ordnance Factory Board/ trade firms

Name of FEs/Detachments
1. AQAW (A) Khamaria
  • (i) Ambajhari
  • (ii) Bhandara
  • (iii) Chanda
  • (iv) Cossipore, kolkata
  • (v) Itarsi
  • (vi) GCF/GIF jabalpur
  • (vii) kanpur
  • (viii) Muradnagar

2. RDAQA (A) Kirkee,Pune Detachments-
  • AQA Dehuroad
  • ARDE Pune
  • HEMRL, Pune

3. RDAQA, GW&M, Hyderabad

Contact us:
Room No : Annex 8
DGAQA, Ministry of Defence
H-Block, DHQ Post New Delhi-110011
Phone : 011-23014970
Fax: 23016381
e-mail :

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