Below mentioned are the functions of this office:-

Quality Assurance during manufacture of DO-228, servicing/ overhaul of DO-228, HPT-32 and HS-748 aircraft and their components.

Quality assurance during repair/ overhaul of rotables/ components of DO-228 , HS-748 and HPT-32 aircraft.Upgradation/ modification of HS-748, DO-228 and HPT-32 aircraft.

Defect Investigation of rotables against F-1022 & Premature Withdrawal Reports.

Identification of indigenous sources for production of aeronautical stores, parachutes and Arrester Barrier Components.

Association during embodiment of new modification/ SIs/ SBs/ SCNs on aircraft.Performing AHSP role for various Brake Parachutes used on various fighter aircrafts, Personal/Pilot Parachute, Balloon Barrage System and Multiple Element Net Assy. (Arrester Barrier.

Inspection coverage during prototype development/ Type Testing / Trials of Parachutes and component as developed by ADRDE (DRDO Lab), Agra.

Technical association with RCMA and other agencies during the type approval of various developmental projects.

Association during accidents/ incidents investigation of aircraft to pinpoint the cause of defects and to suggest remedial measures.

Participation in LMC, LTC, LCC, LTCC, Salvage Boards, Lifing committee etc.

Direct Inspection of trade stores and capacity assessment of firms.

Life extension of aeronautical matters referred to this office.Rendering advice to other agencies on technical matters referred to this office.

Scrutiny of necessity/ validity of important foreign vendor items.

Parachute Projects:-

LCA spin recovery parachute.

Canberra A/c Pilot Parachutes (6 types).

P-7 heavy dropping parachute for IL-76.

C-3-3 Pilot parachute for MIG- series.

Su-30 Brake Parachute.

MIG-29/LCA Hybrid brake parachute

AHSP Functions:-

This office is looking after the AHSP functions of the following projects being manufactured at Ordnance Parachute Factory Kanpur and Ordnance Equipment Factory, Hazaratpur.

Brake Parachute for Jaguar aircraft.

Brake Parachute for MIG-21 aircraft.

Brake Parachute for MIG-23/27 aircraft.

Brake Parachute for MIG-25 aircraft.

Brake Parachute for Hunter aircraft.

Brake Parachute Chest Type and Back Type.

Seat MK-10 Pilot Parachute for HPT-32 A/c.

Multiple Element Net Type-30.

BP for Mirage A/c

BP for MIG-29 A/c

Lakshya Recovery Parachute

Pilot Parachute Kiran A/c

Drogue Parachute for Kiran A/c

Pilot Parachute Jaguar A/c

Pilot Parachute for Mirage/Sea-Harrier A/c 

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