ORDAQA (BEL) Gaziabad

ORDAQA (BEL) Gaziabad

About Office :
The Office of Regional Director, AQA Ghaziabad was established at M/s BEL, Ghaziabad on 1st Nov. 1974. This office is headed by Regional Director. ORDAQA, Ghaziabad provides Quality Assurance activities of Ground Radars, Ground/ satellite Communication equipment, Equipments for Network Centric Systems, Antennae, Equipments for Medium Range Surface to Air Missile (MRSAM), IFF System of Land Based Multi Functional Surveillance & Threat Alert Radar (LBMFSTAR), Microwave equipment and Airborne stores manufactured by four Strategic Business units (SBUs) of M/s BEL Ghaziabad (i.e. Network Centric systems SBU , Satellite communication & Cellular System SBU, Antenna SBU & Radio Detection & Ranging (Radar) SBU) and nearby public / private industries for equipment being supplied to Indian Armed Forces. This establishment is also entrusted with the responsibility of assuring Quality & Reliability of equipments for Indian Armed Forces during Design, Development and Indigenisation.

Role & Functions:
The role & functions of the establishment is divided in following subgroups:

 For airborne equipments, suggestions / comments based on National/International standards & specification on Test Schedule (Qualification Test Procedure and Acceptance Test Procedure) for consideration of Centre for Military Airworthiness & Certification (CEMILAC)/Regional Centre for Military Airworthiness (RCMA) as a consultant under the provision of Design, Development and Production of Military Aircraft and Airborne Stores (DDPMAS) approved by MoD, during the finalization & approval of Test Procedures by them. However, the above mentioned documents are approved by RDAQA in consultation with designer, production agency & QCD (Quality Control Deptt) of producer for ground equipment.
 Quality Assurance (QA) During fabrication of Proto-Type and co-ordination during Qualification & Acceptance testing for
witnessing of the tests .
 Participation in Defect Investigation of the equipment.
 Participation in developmental cycle of product which includes Preliminary Design Review (PDR), Critical Design Review (CDR), Software QA etc.

 Approval of Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) and Production Acceptance Test (PAT) for deliverables of Indian Armed Forces based on National/International standards & specifications. Also the approval of Periodic Quality Test (PQTs) for airborne equipments in consultation with designer, Production agency & QCD (Quality Control Department) of producer.
 Quality Assurance during production through testing as per approved QAP, PAT and PQT mentioned just above.
 Stage inspection at PCB/Module/Subsystem/System level.
 Participation in Defect investigation (DI) of the equipment & their Pre mature withdrawal Report (PWR).
 Spot checks.
 Quality Audit.
 Quality Assurance activities pertaining to outsourced equipment.
 Configuration Control of Build Standards.

 Interaction with services for problems/Non conformance observed by them during use of equipment supplied by BEL /Other manufacturers and resolution of the same to user satisfaction through defect investigation and implementation of remedial measures.

5. Projects:
i) Low Level Transportable Radar (LLTR): Providing QA coverage for Radars along with associated equipment & accessories manufactured
by M/s BEL Ghaziabad through TOT from M/s Thales France.
ii) Integrated Air Command & Control System (IACCS): Providing QA coverage for hardware (equipment) and Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) software being manufactured/ supplied by M/s BEL Ghaziabad, M/s BEL Panchkula and M/s BEL Kotdwara.
iii) Crypto Unit for Identification of Friend or Foe (IFF) MK XII (S) for Interrogator of Airborne Early Warning & Control system (AEW&CS).
iv) Crypto unit for Transponder of Jaguar Darin III aircraft.
v) Crypto unit for CIT (Combined Interrogator Transponder) for various platforms being developed/produced by M/s BEL Ghaziabad for Centre for Air Borne systems (CABS) Bangalore and Hindustan Aeronautical Ltd.
vi) Airworthy IP Encryptor and Network Protocol Converter for Project Rukmani (Naval Aviation) being developed/manufactured by M/s BEL Ghaziabad.
vii) Airborne Communication system (RF1 & RF2) for Airborne Early Warning & Control system (AEW &CS) being developed/manufactured by M/s BEL Ghaziabad.
viii) Satellite Communication (SATCOM) equipment for Ground Based Mobile Eelint System (GBMES) being manufactured /supplied by M/s BEL.
ix) SRE (Surveillance Radar Element) Radar and its spares being manufactured/supplied by M/s BEL Ghaziabad.
x) Spares for old radars v.i.z. TRS radar, IRMA radar / THD radar, PSM radar, INDRA radar, LLLWR (Low Level Light Weight Radar) Radar etc being manufactured/supplied by M/s BEL Ghaziabad.
xi) The Aircraft Traffic Indicator (ATI) display unit for various airborne platforms being developed/ manufactured by M/s Samtel HAL Display System (SHDS), Greater Noida.
xii) Display Unit for Integrated Standby Instrument System (ISIS) of HTT-40 being developed/ manufactured by M/s Samtel HAL Display System (SHDS), Greater Noida.
xiii) Mobile Launching Trailer (MLS) for MRSAM (Medium Range Surface to Air Missile) project being indigenized by M/s Tratec Engineers Pvt Ltd, Gurugram.
xiv) IFF System of Land Based Multi Functional Surveillance & Threat Alert Radar (LBMFSTAR) being developed/ manufactured by M/s BEL Ghaziabad.
xv) IFF MK XII-IDU (Interrogator Decoder Unit) of Akash Army Radar (Rohini Radar).
xvi) Spares for Rohini, Akash (Army) Radar.

Name of FE’s/Detachments (Under/Reporting to this zone/FE): Not applicable

Contact Us :
Regional Director, ORDAQA (Ghaziabad),
DGAQA, Ministry of Defence,
C/o Bharat Electronics Ltd.
PO Bharat nagar,
Ghaziabad-201010 (U.P)
Phone: - 0120-2772224
Fax no: - 0120-2770869
E-mail:- ocrigad.dgaqa@gov.in
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