The Office of RDAQA(HAL), DGAQA, Hyderabad was established in HAL HYDERABAD in August 1967 and is headed by Director level officer. ORDAQA (HAL) is responsible for providing Q.A coverage to HAL( Hyderabad) , SLRDC, BEL (Hyd) , ECIL and DRDO labs such as DLRL and RCI.
Role & Function:
This office provides Quality Assurance coverage for Aviation electronics, ground support equipment / test jigs and aircraft / ground batteries during Design / Development, Production, Repair and Overhaul for military aircraft (Indian Air Force, Army, Navy and Coast Guard).

HAL, Hyderabad:

Communication Projects : INCOM(9 Variants), COM1150, COM150, VUC201, ACS235 (AMBER, MK-2), HFSSB, ACR-500 & DRCIU

Navigation Projects : VOR/ILS, TACAN, DME & AFCC RADAR Projects :RAM-1700,IFF-400,IFF-1410, ,IFF-MK12 &, ELTA Engine Projects : BHEEM,SECU,DECU,TGT AMPLr, APCU, & TGECU. UAV :GDD, Servo Actuators, EPD & Directional Antennas

SU-30 projects: RLSU Radar, KDLI, ART30PI, SDU-10MK, SAU,SPS, ARO, SO-EMS, IFF623-3DR, IFF-4202, BTsVM , SSWCS, SSDVRS & DVRS.

Ground Radar: PAR-1M, PAR- 2080C, and Test Jigs.

Name of FE s /Detachments ( Under / Reporting to this zone / FE):

  1. HAL, Kasargod : Air Borne Computer Projects: MC, DP, RC-1, RC2, JMC,CAC, BCAC & OAC.
  2. BEL, Hyderabad : EW, SAMUDRIKA, GBMES and repair of old EW projects.
  3. ECIL, Hyderabad : RUSTOM-II Antennas & LCA Antennas, 0.45 M Ku band Airborne satellite Terminal for AEW&CS, SSCVR , Rate Gyros and actuators.
  4. HBL Batteries, Hyderabad: Airborne & Ground (Silver-Zinc, Ni-Cd & VRLA) 24 V battery with capacity 15AH, 18AH, 23AH, 25AH, 27AH,28AH, 30AH, 40AH, 45AH,140AH & 180AH

Contact us:
Office of The Regional Director AQA,
DGAQA, HAL-P.O, Balanagar, Hyderabad- 500 042.
Phone -040-23878910
Fax- 040-23879896
E mail id: ocrihyd.dgaqa@nic.in

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