ORDAQA, Lucknow

ORDAQA Lucknow

About the Office:

ORDAQA, DGAQA, Lucknow was established on 01 Oct 1971. It is located in the premises of HAL, Accessories Division, Lucknow. Authorised PE of this establishment is 38+01 (Service Officer IAF). Presently this office is headed by Gp. Capt. as Regional Director. ORDAQA, Lucknow comes under the command and control of ADG (N&CZ). The office of OADG(N&CZ) is also co-located with ORDAQA, Lucknow.

Role & Functions:

  1. Quality Assurance during design, development, production, overhaul and repair of military aircraft accessories, other aeronautical and indigenous missiles stores. This includes modifications / indigenization of aircraft spares / components.
  2. Approval of Firm’s Inspectors and renewal thereafter.
  3. Technical association with RCMA (LKO) and other agencies during the process of development, modification and Life Extension studies of aircraft accessories.
  4. Participation in activities related to indigenous development of aeronautical aggregates / stores.
  5. Association with accidents/ defect investigation of military aircraft aggregates for establishing the cause and thereof to suggest remedial measures.
  6. Inspection Authority for aeronautical aggregates and stores for Indian Air Force, Army, Navy and Coast guard.

Development Projects:LCA - Battery Junction Box, TCV of ECS, FCG Probe, 10T & 5T Actuators, Cabin Pressure Control System, Wheel and Brake.
IJT - 9 KW Starter Generator
ALH - Fuel Gauging Sensor
HTT-40 - DC Master Box, Main Wheel, Brake Unit, Shuttle Valve, Fuel Gauging Sensor, Hydraulic Pump.
LCH - Fuel Gauging Sensor
LUH - Battery Junction Box, DC Master Box, ACPU, GCPU.
DO-228 - Main & Nose Wheel, Brake unit.

Manufacture / Repair & Overhaul Task:

ORDAQA is providing QA coverage during Manufacture/ Repair / Overhaul of the various aggregates of SU-30MKI, LCA, Mirage, Sea Harrier, MIG-Series, Jaguar, Dornier, Avro, ALH, Kiran, Chetak, Cheetah, and Missile etc. The details of various aggregates are mentioned below.

Contact Us:

ORDAQA, DGAQA, Min of Defence, PO-HAL, Lucknow-226016.
FAX: 0522-2351209
Telephone: 0522-2975041
email: ocrilko.dgaqa@nic.in

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