Detachment Aeronautical Quality Assurance Wing (Armaments), Itarsi is entrusted with the responsibilities of Inspection / Quality Assurance of Air Armament Stores manufactured by Ordnance Factory, Itarsi and conducting Static Proof of Solid Rocket / Missile Propellants.

It also acts as Missile System Quality Assurance Agency, Centre for development of Missile propellant under the project of Integrated Guided Missile Development Program (IGMDP) along with development agencies from DRDO. The Detachment also extends proof facility to all the three Defence services for regular propellants manufactured by OFI and for investigation & development trials.

This Establishment has been working based on Technical Standing Orders (TSO), issued by HQ New Delhi and different policy orders and Quality Assurance & Administrative matters, issued time to time from HQ New Delhi, MSQAA, Hyderabad, AQAW(A) Khamaria, respectively so that it conforms to the latest QA practices, procedures and administration instructions.

PROJECTS:  This Detachment provides QA coverage for following Air Armament Stores : -

(1)          Pechora Missile Sustainer Powder Charge (SPC)  Propellant

(2)         AKASH Missile  Sustainer  Propellant

(3)         AKASH  Missile Booster Propellant

This Detachment also provides access for Static Proof Test of following ongoing projects of Army & Naval stores:- 

  • PINAKA Rocket – (Full Scale & BEM Proof Testing)
  • RZ-61 (Naval Version of Pechora Missile)- OFI
  • Pechora Missile Booster Propellant – Manufactured by Ord Fy Bhandara
  • RGB-60 (Rocket Guided Bomb) for Navy - Full Scale Proof Testing
  • BBU for 155mm & 105mm Amn-Army
  • LR SAM - (New Development Project) 


Contact Us:

Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance,

Govt Of India, Ministry of Defence,

Itarsi (M.P.) – 461122

Telefax : 07572-268541

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