(a)   Historical Background.  This detachment was established in Jul 91. The primarily role of this unit is to function as extended arm of MSQAA, Hyd and provide inspection coverage to all stores related to Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP). Apart from entrusted role, this unit is also carrying out Static Proof Firing of store related to Army and Indian Navy (IN). AQAW (A), Khamaria, is providing the administrative control and the functional control is with MSQAA, Hyderabad.

 (b)   Scope of FE, Major Work Center Under QA Coverage & Upcoming Major Project.  The sub parawise desired information is as follows:-

 (i)    Scope of FE.  The scope this unit is to provide inspection coverage store related to Limited Series Production (LSP) /Developmental stores, based on vetted copy of supply order by MSQAA, Hyd. The critical/spot checks on stores during the production are as per approved document/flow chart of store. Apart from inspection of stores, the task of static proof firing of all Stores including Army & Indian Navy is also entrusted to DAQAW (A), Itarsi.

 (ii)  Work Center under QA Coverage.  A total of eight work centers are available. The work centers are defined based on the criticality of checks as specified in document. The work centers during the QA coverage are NABL accredited Lab of OFI, Raw material mixing/casting site, Production sites for

machining/ /Inhibition of grains, Assembly section of Control / Full Scale Grain, Static Fire Control Room and the Radiography lab.

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