Mission Raksha Gyan Shakti (MRGS)

Introduction :

Mission Raksha Gyan Shakti (MRGS) has been launched by MoD DDP with primary objective of “Boosting IP Culture” and to promote creation of IP in the Defence production sector inline with the national policy on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to encourage and assist the DPSUs and there creative/innovative officials towards IPR regime. Various reforms are initiated under Make in India - Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign by Govt. of India. This campaign strongly relies on ‘Technology Driven System’ and ‘Innovative Driven Work Culture’ along with IP policy frame work facilitated under MRGS, will definitely hasten up to achieve the intended targets under  Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign.


Scope :

DGAQA being QA regulatory authority of Airborne stores/Allied Ground systems during design, development, production, modification, OH & repair at various DPSUs and private firms is involved at all stages of acquisition/development and production of Defence assets. Large number of equipments have been developed by DGAQA {Erstwhile DTD & P (Air)} and manufactured by private industries against DGAQA specifications.


Achievements :

In line with MRGS initiative, DGAQA has taken up for obtaining copyright (which is one of the category of IPR) with respect to various DGAQA technical specifications/documents against which equipments have been developed, manufactured and supplied to the Defence services. The list of DGAQA technical specifications for which copyright has been obtained from copyright office, Govt. of India is appended below:


Sl No.

Diary No.

Copyright Registration Number & Date

Title of the Copyright Work



L-111540/2020 Dated 31-01-2022

Technical Specification FOR 90 KVA GPU



L-119302/2022 Dated 01-12-2022

Technical Specification for DC GPU



L-119948/2022 Dated 21-12-2022

Technical Specification for 18 KL AIRCRAFT REFUELLER

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