ORDAQA GTRE, Bengalore

Office of the Regional Director AQA (GTRE) , Bangalore

Office of the Regional Director AQA (GTRE) [ORDAQA(GTRE)] is located in the premises of Gas Turbine and Research Development, Bangalore .

Role & Functions

QA Coverage of Kaveri Engines components/ modules, sub assemblies viz. Routine stage inspection during manufacturing, assembly, testing and spot checks. Association during engine level testing. Currently core engine C4 (Kabini), Kaveri K5, K6, K8 AND K9 engines are under testing. Association during structural Integrity/ Aerodynamic/ Aero thermal tests on Kaveri Engines Components/ Modules at GTRE/ sub-vendors. Facility certification viz Bird impact Test Facility, INAS actuator test Facility, Fan / Compressor Aerodynamic Test Facility, HMS, VGAS & Engine Test Facilities. QA coverage of GE F2J3/ IN20 engines being used presently for LCA during testing at GTRE Test bed & implementation of FSI that require hardware replacement and maintenance run on flight worthy engines. Participation in defect investigation for establishing causes of failure and subsequently ensuring the implementation of DI Committee recommendations to avoid the recurrence of the defects and to improve the quality. Projecting views of DGAQA in quality related issues in the forums like Technical evaluation committee, Test Readiness Review (ITRR & FTRR), Material review Board (MRB) and Design review Committee meetings and subsequently ensuring the implementation of the same to improve the quality, reliability & safety of components and systems.

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  • Office of the Regional Director AQA DGAQA, Ministry of Defence
    c/o GTRE, C.V.Ramannagar Bangalore - 560 093 080- 2524 0943 23014914 ocrigtre[dot]dga[at]qa[at]nic[dot]in
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