Third Party Inspection

The utilisation of Third Party Inspection services by HAL for its sub-contractor in respect of military aviation store is a new area being open-up for private sector. This is with an objective to develop inspection eco system in private sector for military aviation and promote self control environment. However, HAL will continue to be responsible for quality of its product & services including inspection activities delegated to TPI /Vendor QC underpinning the basic principle of out-sourcing by main contractor. The prospective Inspection bodies shall meet the stringent requirements set-out in the document and expected to get matured over the time to take up the inspection activities for critical stores for Indian as well as global manufacturer also. This is a proactive approach adopted by the Government of India aiming that such inspection eco system will be matured along with the Indian Aviation sector under “Make in India” drive. The scope of inspection bodies is limited to inspection activities and they will not be authorised to take decisions on deviations/ non-conformances observed during their inspection.

To align with “Make in India” program and achieving self-reliance in military aviation, the participation of MSME and private sector likely to see multi fold expansion in future. Further, DPSUs have also been advised by MOD to act as an integrator, remain focused on core competency and enhance outsourcing. This has resulted in multiplicity of work centres and to administer inspection function at these work centres effectively without any dilution of stringent quality requirement for military stores is a challenge for HAL & DGAQA. With this background HAL proposed to utilise the services of TPIs for inspection activities at sub-contractors premises.

Global practices in aerospace sector / military aviation stores being followed by Leading Aerospace Industries / OEMs have been studied in detail. Accordingly a model for “Utilisation of services of Third Party Inspection Bodies by HAL for outsourced vendors” was jointly evolved by HAL and DGAQA. The model was approved by MoD for implementation in phased manner (non-critical stores in Phase-I and critical in Phase-II ) across all HAL Divisions. For smooth implementation of the model, A policies document for selection and utilisation of Third Party Inspection Services for out-sourced vendors was prepared and released by Hon’ble RM. The salient points of the policy document are as appended below

        • Approval of Inspection Bodies (IBs)
        • Pre-requisites for the grant of Approval to Inspection Bodies
        • Accreditation of IBs
        • Activities Proposed for allocation to Approved Inspection Bodies initially for non-critical stores
        • Performance monitoring of approved inspection bodies
        • Controlling mechanism
        • Approval of sub-contractors for delegating identified inspection tasks
        • Responsibility for the Quality of the product
        • Phased implementation: Inspection activities pertaining to critical aviation store (Phase-II) at sub-contractors’ premises will be considered by DGAQA/ MoD after satisfactory performance for at least one year of Phase-I being in use in consultation with Air HQrs.
        • Third Party Inspection Policy Document(PDF) (7713 KB)
  • List of approved TPI Bodies by HAL
List of approved TPI Bodies by HAL(PDF) (406 KB)
  • HAL LCA Tejas Division Banglore has become the first HALdivision to Implement Third Party Inspection(TPI) for their sub contractor                        
TPI Implementation at HAL LCA Tejas Division Banglore (PDF) (384 KB)
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