Aircraft & AeroMed Group

Aircraft & Aero Medical (A/C & Aero Med)

Role & Functions:

Aircraft and Aero Medical Group at HQrs DGAQA is responsible for following functions:

  • To monitor and supervise QA functions at ORDAQAs, Bengaluru, OAQA, Barrackpore, ORDAQA, Kanpur and OADG, Nasik dealing with Aircraft and Helicopter projects.
  • To process the proposals for Grant / Renewal of DGAQA-AFQMS and other Technical issues of respective M/s HAL divisions under above mentioned Field Establishments.
  • Participation during various stages of procurement of Aircraft, Helicopter and Airborne stores such as Aircraft Tyres/Tube, Pilot Flying clothing and Aircraft Arrester Barrier system by IAF, Army Aviation, Naval Aviation & Indian Coast Guard as per the procedures defined in DAP and DPM.Vetting of QRs as a member of SEPCs.
    • Vetting of QRs as a member of SEPCs.
    • Vetting of RFP and Contracts.
    • Participation in TEC and CNC.
    • Vetting / Approval of ATPs.
    • Participation in PDIs and JRIs.
    • Participation in Scaling Committee and Procurement Committee Meetings.
  • To deliberate and decide, in consultation with DG & ADG HQrs, on Policy Matters such as Issue of AQA Directives, TPI document, Quality Rating Maturity Manual& assessment, Vetting of CQAG, Revision of DDPMAS etc.
  • Vetting & approval of Type Test Schedule and participation in Type Testing of Aircraft Tyres & Tubes and QA coverage of Arrester Barrier system.
  • Formulation / vetting of specification, drawings, ATPs, Trade inspection in Private firms for aero medical items.
  • Participation in assessment for Registration of Firms / Test Labs.


Aircraft Group: All Aircraft and Helicopter projects. 

Aero Med Group: Pilot flying clothing such as Helmet, Oxygen mask, Anti-G suit, Overall, Winter clothing, Hand gloves, Boots etc.

Field Establishments:

  • ORDAQA – Aircraft & NAL, Overhaul & MCSRDC, Helicopter, MRO & RWRDC, LCA-Tejas, ARDC & ACD, Bengaluru
  • RD (MSQAA), Bengaluru
  • OAQA, Barrackpore
  • ORDAQA, Kanpur
  • OADG, Nasik

Contact us:

Director [Aircraft & Aero Med]
Room No. 771, HQ DGAQA, Ministry of Defence,
7th Floor, 'A' Block, Defence Office Complex, KG Marg,
New Delhi-110001 
Phone: 011-23031450, 23031451
Fax: 011-23011365  

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