What is DGAQA ?

The Director General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance (DGAQA), is the Govt. Quality Assurance Organization under Dept. of Defence Production in the Ministry of Defence.

What is the role of DGAQA ?

DGAQA is responsible for Quality Assurance and acceptance of Airborne stores and relate equipments produced at various PSUs, DRDO, Ordnance Factories and Private sectors.

Where is the DGAQA Hqrs. located ?

Headquarter DGAQA is located at ‘H’ Block, New Delhi 110011.

How to apply for the post in DGAQA ?

The eligible candidates can apply for the post of Gr. B & C (NGOs) against the Central Employment Exchange advertisement periodically published in Employment news. For group A & B Officers posts, candidates can apply against UPSC Advertisement published in leading news papers and Employment news.

What is the Qualification requirement for group A entry post in DGAQA ?

The minimum qualification required for group A entry post i.e Senior Scientific Officer Gd.–II is B.E / B. Tech OR M.Sc (Chem/Phy/Elect) with two years experience in relevant field OR equivalent recognized qualifications.

What is the age limit for group A entry post ?

Age limits are subject to guidelines issued by Govt. of India, from time to time. Presently the maximum age limit for group A entry post is 30 years. However it is relaxed in case of Govt servants, ex-servicemen, SC, ST, OBC, candidates as per existing Government rules.

What are the promotion prospects in DGAQA ?

The Promotion prospects are as follows -

  • After five years of regular service in the grade of SSO-II, a person is eligible for consideration for promotion to SSO-I.
  • After five years of regular service in the grade of SSO-I, a person is eligible for consideration for promotion to P.Sc.O.
  • After five years of regular service in the grade of P.Sc.O, a person is eligible for consideration for promotion to Director and so on.
What are the training facilities available after the entry in DGAQA ?

After recruitment, DGAQA officers are provided training facilities in-house and at AFTC Bangalore, DIAT Pune, M/s HAL and other Defence organizations. DGAQA officers are also sponsored for selected courses in India and abroad.

What are the prospects for higher studies in DGAQA ?

DGAQA always encourages its officers to enhance their qualifications. Officers are sponsored for higher studies ( Post graduation ) at IITs, DIAT, Training Institutes etc.

What is ALISDA ?

Aviation Electronics Inspection Specification Documentation Authority (ALISDA), is the field establishment of DGAQA, primarily responsible for Quality Assurance in respect of Aviation and ground support electronics equipment manufactured indigenously.

What is MSQAA ?

Missile System Quality Assurance Agency (MSQAA) is a nodal agency for inter services Quality Assurance established under the over all control of DGAQA to provide QA coverage during the development and production of various Missiles under the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme ( IGMDP).

What is SSQAG ?

SSQAG to provide Quality Assurance coverage to all strategic missile systems including ground systems designed and developed by DRDO. SSQAG will also be responsible for Quality Assurance for maintenance and major repairs/refurbishment during in-service surveillance over the life cycle of systems.

What are the functions of RDAQA (CRI) ?

The Regional Director, Aeronautical Quality Assurance (RDAQA) erstwhile Chief Resident Inspector (CRI), is the Resident representative placed as Head of the Field establishment of DGAQA, primarily to ensure the Quality Assurance of Airborne stores and related equipment during design, development, production and overhaul at various division of HAL, R&D Organization and Ordnance Factories.

What is AAIW ?

Air Armament Inspection Wing (AAIW) is the field establishment of DGAQA with detachments primarily to ensure the Quality Assurance of Air Armament stores produced at Ordnance Factories with their HQrs at Khamaria, Jabalpur.

What is the erstwhile name of DGAQA ?

The erstwhile name of DGAQA is Directorate of Technical Development and Production (Air) i.e. DTD & P (Air).

What is Approval of Firm’s Inspection Organization (AFIO) ?

Prior to the existing method of firm's approval namely AFQMS, the earlier method of carrying out the Aeronautical Quality Assurance functions was primarily by supervisory inspection control which was exercised by granting approval to the Firm’s inspection Organizations and monitored through respective Chief Resident Inspectors.

What is AHSP ?

Authority Holding Sealed Particulars (AHSP), is responsible for the safe custody of paper particulars i.e. Design Specifications, procurement drawings, patterns/samples, QAPs, QTRs etc. in connection with procurement and QA of Defence stores.

What is RMS Order ?

Repair, Maintenance and Service Order placed by Services on Defence PSUs primarily HAL.

What is DDPMAS ?

Design, Development and Production of Military Aircraft and Airborne Stores (DDPMAS) is a procedure document for Industry, Users and regulatory agencies for complying with the provisions stipulated in this document during design, development and production activities related to Military aviation.

What is TSO ?

Technical Standing Order is a document covering the various procedures and functions performed by DGAQA including the guidelines for Quality Assurance in R&D, OFB, PSUs and Private sector for manufacture of airborne stores.

What is AFQMS ?

AFQMS is an abbreviation for Approval of Firm & its Quality Management System.

Who issues AFQMS approval ?

Director General Aeronautical Quality Assurance (DG, AQA) or his authorized representative issues the Certificate of Approval.

Who is eligible to apply for AFQMS ?

Any firm which is in possession or likely to receive Defence Supply Order(s) (As Main Contractor) for which DGAQA is the inspection/QA authority in the Main Contract.

Please clarify on ‘Defence Supply Order’.

The supply order(s) placed by Ministry of Defence/Service HQrs directly on the Main Contractor(s) for supply/servicing of Defence Equipment(s).

Is there any difference between ‘Registration’ and Approval under ‘AFQMS’ ?
  • Yes. The activity of registration of firms is distinct from approval by DGAQA under AFQMS. Prior to 2005, QA agencies were given the dual responsibility of indigenous development (as import substitute) and QA authority for Defence Supply Orders. During those times, certain firms identified by the QA agency were registered with them for development/supply of identified stores. The responsibility for indigenous development since 2005 has been transferred to the procurement wings of the user services/associated production agencies. Consequently, DGAQA has stopped the activity of registration of firms (as per the guidelines given in the Defence Procurement Manual).
  • As regards approval by DG, AQA under the scheme of ‘AFQMS’, the firms are to have or evidence of going to have Defence Supply Orders for Military aviation on continual basis. One-off order may not justify for grant of ‘AFQMS’ status to the firm. This is because in such an arrangement, DGAQA approves the QC/QA staff of the firm for carrying out the routine QC/QA functions on their behalf. Hence to build-up the mutual trust/confidence in such an arrangement, interaction between the firm and DGAQA for duration more than one-off supply order shall be required.
What are the benefits to the firms which have DGAQA’s approval ?

It is advantageous for a firm to have DGAQA approval since its own inspection staff (which is approved by DGAQA) can carry out routine inspection duties. This will eventually lead to more smooth flow of production activities at the firm’s premises.

Can any firm supplying equipment to the Main Contractor (as their vendors) apply for AFQMS ?

No. In such cases, the responsibility of registration/approval of the vendor(s) rests with the main contractor, wherein DGAQA overseas the effectiveness of such system practiced by the Main Contractor. Main Contractor remains the nodal point for such supervision by DGAQA.

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