GSE Group


 Ground Equipments (Ground Support Equipment/Ground Handling Equipment) main purpose is to support the safe operations of the aircraft before taking off and after landing. Ground Equipment usually involves a variety of aircraft mobility, ground power operations, standard and special type of ground support equipments used to service the aircraft between flights etc.

GSE Group at HQrs DGAQA is responsible for the following functions:  

  • Formulation of Technical Specifications and vetting of drawing, QAPs, QTPs, and ATPs for Ground Equipment based on Service Qualitative Requirements (SQR) forwarded by respective Defence User Directorates. 
  • Formulation, vetting and approval of drawing, QAPs, QTPs, ATPs and Trade Inspection in Private Firms for Ground Equipment.
  • Vetting of Technical Particulars of Indent, Request for Proposal (RFP) and Supply Order (SO)/Contract of the User Directorates.
  • Participation in Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC), Cost Negotiation Committee (CNC)/Price Negotiation Committee (PNC) meetings at Service Hqs as per the procedures defined in Defence Procurement Manual (DPM).
  • Advisory role for Air Force, Army Aviation, Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard for GSE equipments w.r.t technical details / specification, source of supply etc.
  • Indigenization of Ground Equipment.
  • Issuing of QA Directives for the Field Establishments for Ground Equipment
  • Participation in Field trial/User’s trial on prototype/No Cost No Commitment (NCNC) store.
  • Participation in assessment for Registration of Firms.
  • Defect Investigation
  • To advice FE on GSE projects delegated to them.
  • To assist Defence Services in development of indigenous stores.
  • Vetting of JSS and JSQR forwarded Directorate of Standardization pertaining to GSE Group.
Ground Equipments (GSE/GHE) include equipments like Aircraft Towing Tractors, , Air Inflatable Bags of various capacities Jacks, Aircraft Refuellers of various capacities, Hydraulic Servicing Trolley, Ground Power Unit, Oxygen Charging and Distribution Vehicle, Nitrogen Generation and Distribution System, Service Air Trolley, Self Propelled Air/Nitrogen Trolley, , Sudan Pump, etc.
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