PP & FOL Group


This group deals with Power Plant & Fuel, Oil & Lubricants which are the most pivotal equipments and flight critical consumables being used in the Military Aviation Sectors. Also this office deals with work related activities of Field establishments. The details of role and functions are mentioned below.  

PP&FOL Group at HQrs DGAQA is responsible for the following functions: 

  1. To monitor and ascertain adequacy/compliance of the QA functions of the following FEs located at

    i) Bengaluru (i.e. ORDAQA(ED), ORDAQA (GTRE), ORDAQA (AERDC) &  ORDAQA (F&F)
   ii) Hyderabad: ORDAQA (MIDHANI)
   iii) Koraput     : OADG (KPT) 

  1. To scrutinize the Quarterly Progress Reports (QPR) from above FEs for adequacy of action and status of pending issues.
  2. To scrutinize Quarterly Defect Investigation (QDI) summaries for adequacy of action and its compliance.
  3. To conduct AFQMS audit of Refineries/Marketing Labs and other firms with respect to flight critical consumables viz. ATF, Oils, Lubricants, and Greases etc. before grant/renewal of AFQMS.
  4. To process proposals from FEs for approval/Renewal under AFQMS in respect of the firms under their jurisdiction.
  5. To deliberate and decide in consultation with DG on QA related policy matters and to issue such QA directives/Policy guidelines as necessary to the concerned FEs.
  6. To ensure DGAQA participation in the Court of Inquiry (COI)-Aircraft Accident/Incident, instituted by Service HQrs .
  7. To ensure timely completion of periodical internal Audits of the Field Estt.
  8. Technical vetting of draft JSS (Aero SSC group for aviation Oils & fuels), JSG, pertaining to aviation FOLs and military aero engines. Also participating in meetings of various committees/sub committees of Dte of standardization & BIS.
  9. To actively involve as a Govt. QA agency in following stages of procurement of airborne stores (as relevant to this group) by IAF, Army, Navy & Indian Coast Guard as per the procedure defined in DAP-2020.
  10. Vetting of QRs as a member of SEPCs
  11. Vetting of RFP/Contracts
  12.  participation in TEC and CNC
  13.  Vetting of ATPs & participation in PDIs
  14. Participation in scaling committee meetings
  15. To forward the comments on various policy issues/documents to service HQs and other stake holders.
  16. Scrutinise and process work service activities received from FEs.


Field Establishments:


1)   ORDAQA (Engine), ORDAQA (GTRE), ORDAQA (AERDC) & ORDAQA (F&F) at Bangalore 
2)  ORDAQA (Midhani) at Hyderabad
3)  OADG, KPT at Koraput

Contact us:

Director [PP & FOL]
Room No. 770, HQ DGAQA, Ministry of Defence,
7th Floor, 'A' Block, Defence Office Complex, KG Marg,
New Delhi-110001 
Phone: 011-23031520, 23031521 
Email: dirppfol.dgaqa@gov.in

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