Below mentioned are the functions of this office

  • Quality Assurance during manufacture of DO-228, servicing/ overhaul of DO-228, HPT-32 and HS-748 aircraft and their components.
  • Quality assurance during repair/ overhaul of rotables/ components of DO-228 , HS-748 and HPT-32 aircraft.Upgradation/ modification of HS-748, DO-228 and HPT-32 aircraft.
  • Defect Investigation of rotables against F-1022 & Premature Withdrawal Reports.
  • Identification of indigenous sources for production of aeronautical stores, parachutes and Arrester Barrier Components.
  • Association during embodiment of new modification/ SIs/ SBs/ SCNs on aircraft.Performing AHSP role for various Brake Parachutes used on various fighter aircrafts, Personal/Pilot Parachute, Balloon Barrage System and Multiple Element Net Assy. (Arrester Barrier.
  • Inspection coverage during prototype development/ Type Testing / Trials of Parachutes and component as developed by ADRDE (DRDO Lab), Agra.
  • Technical association with RCMA and other agencies during the type approval of various developmental projects.
  • Association during accidents/ incidents investigation of aircraft to pinpoint the cause of defects and to suggest remedial measures.
  • Participation in LMC, LTC, LCC, LTCC, Salvage Boards, Lifing committee etc.
  • Direct Inspection of trade stores and capacity assessment of firms.
  • Life extension of aeronautical matters referred to this office.Rendering advice to other agencies on technical matters referred to this office.
  • Scrutiny of necessity/ validity of important foreign vendor items.

Parachute Projects

  • LCA spin recovery parachute.
  • Canberra A/c Pilot Parachutes (6 types).
  • P-7 heavy dropping parachute for IL-76.
  • C-3-3 Pilot parachute for MIG- series.
  • Su-30 Brake Parachute.
  • MIG-29/LCA Hybrid brake parachute

AHSP Functions

This office is looking after the AHSP functions of the following projects being manufactured at Ordnance Parachute Factory Kanpur and Ordnance Equipment Factory, Hazaratpur.

  • Brake Parachute for Jaguar aircraft.
  • Brake Parachute for MIG-21 aircraft.
  • Brake Parachute for MIG-23/27 aircraft.
  • Brake Parachute for MIG-25 aircraft.
  • Brake Parachute for Hunter aircraft.
  • Brake Parachute Chest Type and Back Type.
  • Seat MK-10 Pilot Parachute for HPT-32 A/c.
  • Multiple Element Net Type-30.
  • BP for Mirage A/c
  • BP for MIG-29 A/c
  • Lakshya Recovery Parachute
  • Pilot Parachute Kiran A/c
  • Drogue Parachute for Kiran A/c
  • Pilot Parachute Jaguar A/c
  • Pilot Parachute for Mirage/Sea-Harrier A/c
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