Role and Function

            Role and functionsof OADG(KPT)are as given below:

(a)          To provide Quality Assurance coverage during Manufacturing/Overhauling/Repairing to all MIG & Su-30MKI Aircraft Aero-Engines (Russian origin) and their accessories.

(b)          Quality Assurance during Production, Repair, Overhaul, Qualification and Approval testing of Indigenous development projects, Test Equipments and Evaluation of ground equipments.

(c)          Certification of ground test/support equipment/Test Rigs.

(d)          Coordination of Test Records of Indigenization components for issuing of PC/Type Approval by RCMA/CEMILAC.

(e)          Process proposal for approval under AF&QMS- Issue 2 in respect of SED & ED on their expiry.

(f)           Responsible for forwarding of Monthly Reports, QPR, DIR, Admin /Financial Reports and other Miscellaneous reports to HQrs.

(g)          Ensure Quarterly Review meetings on Quality issues.



R-25/R-25U Aero Engine for MiG-21 (T-75) Aircraft. RD-33 Aero Engine for MiG-29 Aircraft.KSA-2 Gear Box for MiG-29 Aircraft. GTDE-117 &Angular Drive for MiG-29,SU-30Aircraft. AL31FP Aero Engine for SU-30 MKI Aircraft. TG-16M (Turbo-Starter) for AN-32 Aircraft. TVC for SU-30 MKI Aircraft.BKAfor SU-30 MKI Aircraft.                                          


AL31FP Aero Engine for SU-30 MKI Aircraft. RD-33 Aero Engine for MiG-29 Aircraft.


a)    Indigenisation of Electronic Control Module (KRD-99B) of AL-31FP Aeroengine.

b)    Total Technical Life Extension (TTLE) of  AL-31FP Aero-engine.

c)    Components for Advanced Light Helicopter [ALH]

d)      Manufacture of AL55I Engine

e)    High Pressure Turbine (HPT) Directionally Solidified (DS) Vanes for GTRE

f)     HPT DS Blades for GTRE

g)    Shroud segment castings for Kaveri Engine, Tejas Aircraft

h)    HPT Blade for AL-31FP Engine

i)       HPT Disk (Forged & Machined) for AL-31FP Engine

j)       Gear Drive for AL-31 FP Engine

k)     Balancing Lever for RD-33 Engine

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