Missile System Quality Assurance Agency (MSQAA) is entrusted with The Office of Missile System Quality Assurance Agency, Hyderabad is located in the Quality Centre Building(QCB) inside DRDL complex, Kanchanbagh exclusively dedicated towards QA duties. 

The concept of MSQAA (erstwhile Common Inspection Agency) emerged during the 5th Meeting of Guided Missile Board (GMB) held on 04 Apr 1986 under the Chairmanship of SA to RM to monitor the progress of Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP). Accordingly, Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs (CCPA) approved a proposal in 1990 for creation of MSQAA with the creation of 235 posts of various categories.

 MSQAA was established in 10 August 1990 under the Administrative and functional control of DGAQA to cater for the inspection requirements during the development and Limited Series Production phase of Prithvi and Trishul Missile systems only under the IGMDP of the DRDO. The 235 posts sanctioned for MSQAA are drawn on equal sharing basis (78 posts each) from the existing three participating Quality Assurance Organisations viz. DGQA, DGAQA and DGNAI. A Director / equivalent officer designated as Principal Director heads the MSQAA and this post is rotated amongst the above-mentioned three Quality Assurance organisations on a three year tenure basis.

 Keeping in view the logistic considerations for unified command and effective administrative / functional control and also the major development and production activities centred in and around Hyderabad, the technical Headquarters (A Self-Accounting Unit (SAU) of MSQAA was established in 1993 at DRDL premises, Hyderabad with allocation of 110 posts out of the overall sanctioned 235 posts.


  • (a) MSQAA, formed in 1990, is an independent Common Inspection Agency under the administrative and functional control of Director General Aeronautical Quality Assurance (DGAQA). The three participating QA organizations i.e. Director General of Quality Assurance (DGQA), Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance (DGAQA) and Director General of Naval Armament Inspection (DGNAI) share the manpower requirement of the Organisation.
  • (b) Since most of the development/production activities were taking place in and around Hyderabad, a Self Accounting Unit (SAU) of MSQAA was established in 1993 at Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL) Hyderabad. MSQAA is the designated independent Quality Assurance Agency for providing QA support with an objective to achieve quality and reliability in all the highly complex and sophisticated tactical guided missile systems being indigenously developed and produced by the DRDO.
  • (c) Various missile projects (with more to come) of national importance/security to meet the operational commitments of the Armed Forces and to safeguard the National Interests/strategic assets are being provided with QA coverage by MSQAA. MSQAA headed by Principal Director of the rank of Brigadier/Equivalent on rotational basis from the three QA agencies. For effective QA management and logistics, MSQAA is organized into several functional groups; dealing in different missile projects and one administrative group, each headed by a Director / Col equivalent officer.


Projects under QA coverage at MSQAA
  • Akash Missile Systems
  • Brahmos
  • Prithvi/PGAD
  • Development
  • HRD
  • SANT
  • Rudram-II


  • Missile System Quality Assurance Agency (MSQAA) DGAQA, Ministry of Defence
    The Principal Director HQ, Missile System Quality Assurance Agency, Ministry of Defence at Quality Centre Building C/o DRDL, Kanchanbagh, - PO Hyderabad - 500058 msqaa[dot]dgaqa[at]nic[dot]in
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