Quality Rating of Firms

Indian military aviation sector is likely to see enhanced participation of private industries due to realization of “Make in India” program in near future. This will result in multiplicity of work centers across the country.  To oversee the QA function of these work centers effectively with optimum involvement of the designated Quality Assurance Agency, a change in the present system need to be evolved. With this background, Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance (DGAQA) was tasked by Secretary (Defence Production) to prepare a suitable Quality Assurance Model to optimize the regulatory agencies intervention / control points.

The Quality Assurance model was developed based on:

  • Policy of UK Military Aviation Authority (MAA),
  • Government Mandatory Inspection Points (GMIP) of NASA,
  • International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) Supplier Capability Evaluation and Assessment Model.

The proposed model was presented to MoD in a meeting held on 28th January, 2016 under the chairmanship of Secretary (Defence Production). Permission was accorded by Secretary (Defence Production) for implementation of the proposed model as pilot project in two HAL Divisions (Aircraft Manufacturing Division, Nasik and MRO Helicopter Division, Bangalore), which are dealing with the major business in terms of Aircraft Production and Servicing.

The model for granting self-certification to the Production Agency (HAL) for in process tasks was devised jointly by HAL and DGAQA based on the four leading principles:

  • Restructuring of HAL Quality Management System,
  • HAL to take complete responsibility for Quality Control function,
  • DGAQA will focus on Regulatory Role,
  • Enforcement Action by DGAQA, including monetary penalties, in the event of lapses by HAL.

For effective management of the regulatory role by DGAQA, Quality Rating of the production agency by DGAQA is one of the important elements in the proposed model. The overall maturity and effectiveness of the Production Agency shall be determined by Quality Rating based on:

  •  IAQG Maturity Assessment Model - This will cover the maturity level of Business Processes that are enablers in the organization.
  • Quality Performance Indicators (QPI) - This will cover the final outcome and effectiveness of the processes deployed by the organization.

A core team with the domain expertise in the Indian Military Aviation was formed by Director General, AQA with members from HAL, DGAQA and IAF for developing Quality Rating methodologies. Core team has developed QPIs for both HAL divisions. A workshop was conducted at ESCI Hyderabad, a professional body providing customized training programs on QMS requirements including aerospace sector, to evolve customized checklists, Quality Rating Assessment Tool and training for the assessors.

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