ORDAQA (Kanpur) is responsible for theQuality Assurance coverage during the following activities:-
  • Manufacturing and servicing of Dornier (DO-228) Aircraft.
  • Export orders for Manufacturing/Servicing of DO-228 Aircraft when authorized by MoD& HQ DGAQA.
  • Check-III Servicing of AVRO HS 748 Aircraft.
  • Servicing and Overhaul of UAV Engines.
  • Design and Development (Indigenization) activities related to Dornier (DO-228)Aircraft and AVRO HS 748.
  • ALH structural coupling at NAeL, Allahabad.
  • Up-gradation/Modification of Major Aircraft Systems.
  • Aeronautical Parachutes (Pilot Parachute, Brake Parachute, Drogue Parachute and Recovery Parachute) manufactured by OPF, Kanpur for various Aircraft.
  • Design &Development of Aeronautical Parachutes by ADRDE, Agra
  • MENA (Multiple Element Net Assembly), STENA (Soft tope Element Net Assembly) and its accessories manufactured by OEF, Hazratpur to be used various Arrestor Barriers System.
  • Oil &Lubricants manufactured by M/s Mineral Oil Corporation, Kanpur.
  • Peek Insulator Pipe manufactured by M/s Mars Auto Pvt. Ltd., Kanpur.
  • Rubber Seals  manufactured byM/sAilga Rubber, Kanpur


  • DO-228 Aircraft
  • AVRO HS-748 Aircraft
  • UAV Engines
  • Aeronautical Parachutes
  • ALH Fuselage Coupling
  • FOLs
  • MENA & STENA of Arrestor Barrier System
  • Peek Insulator Pipes of LCA


  • M/s. HAL (TAD), Kanpur
  • OPF (Kanpur)
  • OEF (Hazaratpur)
  • M/s. Naini Aerospace Limited, Allahabad
  • M/s. Mineral Oil Corporation, Kanpur
  • M/s. Mars Auto, Kanpur


 The Regional Director, AQA
DGAQA, Ministry of Defence,
Chakeri, Kanpur-208 008
 फैक्स/Fax: 0512-2458164/2458815   
टेलीफोन/Telephone: 0512-2458173      
ईमेल/E.mail: ocrikan.dgaqa@gov.in
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