ORDAQA, Lucknow

ORDAQA Lucknow

About the Office 

ORDAQA (Office of Regional Director Aeronautical Quality Assurance) , DGAQA, Lucknow was established on 01 Oct 1971. It is located in the premises of HAL, Accessories Division, Lucknow. Authorised PE of this establishment is 38+01 (Service Officer IAF). Presently this office is headed by Gp. Capt. as Regional Director. ORDAQA, Lucknow comes under the command and control of ADG (N&CZ). The office of OADG(N&CZ) is also co-located with ORDAQA, Lucknow.

Role & Functions

  • Quality Assurance during design, development, production, overhaul and repair of military aircraft accessories, other aeronautical and indigenous missiles stores. This includes modifications / indigenization of aircraft spares / components.
  • Approval of Firm’s Inspectors and renewal thereafter.
  • Technical association with RCMA (LKO) and other agencies during the process of development, modification and Life Extension studies of aircraft accessories.
  • Participation in activities related to indigenous development of aeronautical aggregates / stores.
  • Association with accidents/ defect investigation of military aircraft aggregates for establishing the cause and thereof to suggest remedial measures.
  • Inspection Authority for aeronautical aggregates and stores for Indian Air Force, Army, Navy and Coast guard.

Development Projects

# Name
LCA Battery Junction Box, TCV of ECS, FCG Probe, 10T & 5T Actuators, Cabin Pressure Control System, Wheel and Brake.
IJT 9 KW Starter Generator
ALH Fuel Gauging Sensor
HTT-40 DC Master Box, Main Wheel, Brake Unit, Shuttle Valve, Fuel Gauging Sensor, Hydraulic Pump.
LCH Fuel Gauging Sensor
LUH Battery Junction Box, DC Master Box, ACPU, GCPU.
DO-228 Main & Nose Wheel, Brake unit.

Manufacture / Repair & Overhaul Task

ORDAQA is providing QA coverage during Manufacture/ Repair / Overhaul of the various aggregates of SU-30MKI, LCA, Mirage, Sea Harrier, MIG-Series, Jaguar, Dornier, Avro, ALH, Kiran, Chetak, Cheetah, and Missile etc. The details of various aggregates are mentioned below.

Contact Us

  • ORDAQA, DGAQA Min of Defence
    PO-HAL, Lucknow-226016 0522-2975041 0522-2351209 ocrilko[dot]dgaqa[at]nic[dot]in
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