Registration of Firms


1.1 Ministry of Defence Vide letter No. 43(5)/2015/D(QA) dated 14 Jul 2016 empowered DGAQA for the Registration and Capacity Verification of vendors/firms for supplying airborne materials / stores including associated ground support equipments etc., with effect from issuance of this letter. DGAQA registration shall be mandatory for all vendors/firms to supply aviation related stores to service HQs through respective central procurement agency.


2.1 Proper knowledge and identification of suitable vendors/source capable of meeting the product quality required by the defence departments, particularly by the Defence Services, are vital functions for ensuring procurement of quality defence stores. Providing equal opportunity and ensuring fair process are important requirements in any procurement process so as to achieve transparency. Hence, selection and registration of firms, their performance appraisal and classification must be clearly spelt out and properly disseminated. It is also essential that the credentials of the firms applying for registration, including their financial status, the manufacturing and quality control facilities, the business ethics and their market standing are thoroughly scrutinized before registering them as an approved source of supply.

2.2 Whenever a firm is considered by central procurement agency of Service Head Quarters (excluding DPSUs, Ordnance factories) for the supply of Airborne/Defence aviation related stores, registration/ capacity assessment by DGAQA is mandatory.

2.3 This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is intended to provide broad guidelines for capacity assessment and registration of vendor/firm for existing as well as prospective vendors. It guides them for grading based on their assessed capabilities at the time of initial registration and renewal or otherwise. It also guides for rating the vendor based on their performance records in respect of quality, timely delivery & experience including various aspects of post procurement activities and feedback from user services.

S. No. Name of Document Document
1. Standard Operating Operating Procedure (SOP) for Assessment and Registration of Firms/ Vendors PDF (968 KB)
2 Compendium of Registered Vendors  PDF (1,254 KB)
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