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The Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance (DGAQA) is an organisation under Department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence. This organisation is the regulatory authority for Quality Assurance and final acceptance of Military Aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Aero Engines, Airborne Systems, Avionics, Armaments, Consumables (FOL Stores), Allied Ground Systems and Missiles during Design & Development, Production, Repair, Modification and Overhaul/ Repair at various Defence PSUs, Ordnance Factories and Private Firms.It also ensures QA requirements during acquisition of defence aeronautical stores by Ministry of Defence as per the provision of DDP & DPM.

The primary role of DGAQA is to provide QA coverage during various phases of the production/services viz Design & Development, Production, Up-gradation etc and to assure that the same meet the customers’ expectations. DGAQA is also involved in standardization activities. The other services rendered are Capacity Assessment & Registration of Firms, Defect Investigations and Technical Consultancy to the Users, Ministry of Defence, Production and Design & Development Agencies.

The establishments under this organisation are spread all over the country in Defence Public Sector Undertakings, Ordnance Factories, DRDO Labs and Private Firms.

DGAQA is also the nodal agency for Missile System Quality Assurance Agency (MSQAA).


  • Quality Assurance during development, Production, Overhaul and Repair of Military Aircraft and associated Air-Borne Systems Equipment, Air Armament Systems and allied Ground Support Systems.
  • Association with DRDO, P.S.U.s, and other developing agencies during evaluation, type approval, lifing and life extension exercises of military airborne items.
  • Association in Accident / Defect Investigation of Military Aircraft and Aeronautical Stores.
  • Participation in Standardization activities, formulation of JSS and National Specifications.
  • Authority Holding Sealed Particulars (AHSP) functions in respect of Air Armament stores.
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